Religious exemptions to COVID vaccines may not be enough

The Plan appears to have cowed most world religious bodies, but “sincerity” test is an outrageous attempt to control people.

by Seraphim Hanisch

NBC News writer Phil McCausland ran a piece on that network’s website that showed a terrifying sign of the pressure that is likely to be brought to bear on the great numbers of people in the United States – and indeed, all over the world – that are being pressured or even forced to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

This piece is well-worth reading in full (I did), because it shows just how far the forces behind vaccination have gone in terms of their argument against one’s own personal liberty to choose what they do medically. We are including some selected excerpts with comment.

Religious exemptions could prove to be the latest legal battlefield of the pandemic, as Americans opposed to the coronavirus vaccine attempt to find ways around employer and government vaccine mandates.

Some evangelical pastors are reportedly providing religious exemption documents to the members of their church, and right-wing forums are sharing strategies to skirt vaccine requirements. Religious freedom groups are sending threatening letters to states, schools and employers and preparing legal challenges to fight vaccine mandates.

Only some federal agencies and states have made vaccination mandatory for workers, and more private companies are doing or considering the same. But experts anticipate that religious liberty challenges will pick up as more mandates are put in place — especially when there is no national standard.

This report is about the COVID-19 vaccination push as it exists in the United States. However, in nations like Canada, France, Germany, Israel and Italy, the mandates are much more severe. The governments in these countries have a strong ability to restrict their citizens from even keeping their jobs if they don’t get vaccinated, and in one particularly revolting story in France, a family was even prevented from buying food from a grocery store because they were not vaccinated. In these countries, and in Russia, the idea of “religious exemption” is under severe pressure, by the presence of massive pressure on religious communities to go with the “science” rather than to follow the teachings these religious groups have actually held for decades, centuries and even millenia., for example, is the defacto news outlet site for the Moscow Patriarchate. The site publishes almost nothing about the concerns a great many Orthodox Christians have about the vaccine, especially those people who consider that this situation bears the hallmarks of a crisis of the faith that has been predicted by Orthodox Christian holy men for decades. In a recent piece, the editor wrote a great deal about the issue, but this complicated run of thought and comparison of ideas against other ideas lacks any element that suggests that not taking the vaccine is the better idea. In other words, the people who resist taking it will not find friendly ears in the Russian Orthodox Church, at least as far as OrthoChristian is concerned. This is similar to a situation about two months ago where the hierarch Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev) referred to people who refuse the vaccine as “stupid” for doing so. 

(The Orthodox Christian situation regarding the doubts and approach to the vaccine are very interesting, but beyond the scope of this piece. A forthcoming piece will explore this in a direct look.)

Similar equivocation, just shy of open endorsement, comes from the Roman Catholic Church:

Pope Francis went so far as to say that receiving the vaccine was ‘the moral choice because it is about your life but also the lives of others.’

Indeed as the NBC article states, evangelicals and some “hard core” adherents in the more traditional Christian confessions are putting up a fight, but here is the most terrifying assessment that the NBC piece shows (the first paragraph below is a paraphrase very close to Mr. McCausland’s text – I had to alter it because it would not lend itself in my editor to showing itself as a block quote. Just trying to stay honest…):

Thomas Berg describes himself as a “strong supporter of religious exemptions.” He is a religious liberty advocate who teaches law at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. However, he said he believes that there is a strong case to deny many of the religious claims and to test religious sincerity.

In cases where you’ve got a lot of potential insincere claims — and I think there’s evidence that is what’s happening here in which people are raising religious objections when they’re motivated by fear of the vaccine or political opposition to it — testing sincerity makes sense,” he said. “We have to test sincerity or else we have to accept them all or deny them all, so I think the courts will provide room for testing that.”

This is an absolute outrage.

This essentially shows us how far the goalposts of personal liberty have been moved by the COVID overlords. A simple “no” is not enough. Not only is a simple “no” no longer enough to settle the question of whether someone gets vaccinated or not, a person’s “sincerity” in expressing a religious exemption about this particular vaccine (and there are MANY objections to it that are not even religious! Such as “it doesn’t work!”) is potentially being looked as an excuse to get out of taking it because they are afraid of it.

If a person is afraid of getting injected with something, that would seem to mark good common sense. After all, people that inject themselves with heroin and freebase cocaine often kill themselves with it, and even a very recent piece of news has Moderna vaccines on hold in Japan because metal particles have been found in the vials, particles with magnetic properties. Over a million doses are on hold because there is a problem. No one should be forced to be injected with something they cannot trust.

Why is it unreasonable that anybody should be afraid of this stuff? But the hysteria and the Overton Window on this issue is so far moved in favor of the pro-vaxxers that we are actually considering the idea that even religious objections would actually be put to a secular test in court (in which they will almost surely fail, every time).

This situation reached a boiling point in France, Germany and Greece thus far – people are actively in defiance of the mandates. Good for them! But it needs to go much farther. The people who are running these nations’ governments probably ought to be put out of their jobs and replaced by people who remember that it is very simple to just say no and leave it at that.

As with so many issues with COVID-19, what we really have is a reaction to false advertising on a global scale (this too is a forthcoming piece). However, the amount of power that is being exerted to cause billions of people to do what they are told (when that order has rapidly eroding confidence of being anything remotely close to a good idea), will cause whole nations to either capitulate, like Canada appears to be doing, or to rebel. 

It may well take outright, forcible resistance, even coups to get this to stop. But it needs to stop. The religious people of the world, particularly Christians, all agree that there is a Power greater than all of us who needs to be trusted and obeyed. However, no human being, and no human council or legislature should have god-like powers to command people.

Will we revolt and throw these people out of power? Or will we cave in and lose everything we are?

Who is running Imposter Joe Biden? Revealing slip draws attention [Video]

Whoever it is is probably handling executive decisions also. How could this not be so?

Attention got drawn directly to something Joe Biden said in his press conference yesterday after the suicide bombing attack carried out near the Kabul Airport

 “Ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. The first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O’Donnell from NBC,” Biden kicked off the press conference.

Who indeed? Why are “they” directing Imposter Joe to only call on certain specific people and in order?

Behind this also ostensibly is Joe Biden’s introduction to his calling on Peter Doocy of Fox News, who has been the conservative version of CNN’s Jim Acosta for the Bumbling Fake CinC. We have to consider this, that even though Peter Doocy seems to ask the “tough questions”, he is scripted in to the plan!!

We have seen and heard Feeble Joe the JoBot say this at other times since he was put in the White House, but now with a real disaster unfolding in Afghanistan and a massive national humiliation taking place on the world stage, suddenly the shadow bosses are drawing a bit of interest. Indeed the Fox piece that brings this up continues:

Among the others called from the list were Reuters correspondent Trevor Hunnicutt and Associated Press reporter Aamer Madhani, who was ridiculed for his softball question that invoked the memory of the president’s son, Beau Biden.

Biden then appeared to go off-script by calling on NPR correspondent Franco Ordoñez, RealClearNews reporter Philip Wegmann and he even sparred with Fox News’ Peter Doocy.

(Again, I suggest that this is actually a part of the script.)

However, the press conference was overshadowed by the “instructed” remark, which became a viral moment.

“What is going on?” BlazeTV host Jason Whitlock reacted.

“Who the hell is in charge here?” Washington Examiner commentator Tiana Lowe asked.

“Amazing. And everyone goes along with this,” The Spectator contributor Stephen Miller wrote, adding, “He is not in charge.”

“He said instructed. Jesus Christ,” Washington Examiner Magazine managing editor Jay Caruso tweeted.

“Biden just said ‘I was instructed to call on’ this reporter! Who instructed him to call on the reporter? Who’s really in charge? Are you kidding me?” Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., exclaimed.

The Fox piece does not go on to try to explain this; presumably the writer of the piece, Joseph A. Wulfsohn, was content to stir the pot and arouse ire over Joe saying “I was instructed to call on…”

However, this is THE question that someone must ask the febrile old man at the podium: “Who is giving you these instructions?” And then, we must find out all about them and why they are doing this.

We also must find out about how JoBot is being instructed to carry out other actions in the office in which he supposedly needs to serve the American people. One thing seems glaringly clear: He is not serving average Americans. He is barely even serving woke nutjob Americans. He seems to be serving interests that are dedicated to tearing apart the United States as founded, and even endangering the unity of the nation itself.

This is a great mystery. We can speculate all we want, but to do so is useless. What needs to happen is that these questions must be asked, and asked again and again until we get some real answers.

Here is the moment, so you can see for yourself.

BREAKING: Big Tech Cripples The Duran

The woke liberal left couldn’t take the onslaught of real news and information. Future of free site uncertain, while springs into existence for now.

On August 27, 2021, the geopolitical site, was taken off the net by an attack from Big Tech providers, presumably Paypal and others.

The site is currently offline for regular use, though it has launched a new more limited, Twitter-like portal called We encourage people who want to keep up with the Duran’s efforts to join this site to be able to monitor developments.

For the time being I will post news and information pieces to this site, and hopefully, if interest exists, I will incorporate the site and start running as a new independent news and information source… at least until Big Tech finds me.

Then, I will start again.

Free speech is extremely important. I do not lie in any of my news reports. I may be wrong about the understanding I have on certain topics, but I never lie about anything, nor do I seek to slander or badmouth anybody. However, my opinions are blunt, direct and honest, and there are many people in the world that seem to be offended by this.

However, if we do not have the ability to be a bit offensive, then we are all lost.

Consider Jesus Christ, who offended the religious establishment of His time, but rightly so, since they had formalized the relationship with God into a set of rituals that only inflated their own personal sense of pride. They nailed Him to the Cross for it, and he defeated Death and Hades by simply being who He is – God incarnate – without showing anything but love and truth to everyone.

He is the ultimate free speaker. The Truth is what sets us free, and with God’s help, this site will become an outpost for those who wish to know the truth about what is going on, even if it is just honestly expressed opinion.

God be with you all.

The 12th Amendment and Trump’s last chance to win [Video]

Two interpretations of the Amendment indicate Pence could legally pick Trump, risking Civil War

A big event is planned for January 6th. It might be the closing gathering of massive numbers of Trump supporters, or the vanguard of troops for the Second American Civil War. We know rather little about the actual nature of the gathering, only that January 6th is the day that the Electoral College vote gets read and approved by Congress. Presumably at the very least, the expected enormous gathering of Trump supporters is supposed to send a message to Congress to rethink their decision to bring Joe Biden into official recognition as the President-Elect to take the oath of office on January 20th, 2021.

However, Roman Balmakov, The Epoch Times’ correspondent, brings up some interesting possibilities. Two different readings of the US Constitution’s 12th Amendment seem to indicate that it is possible that the Vice President and the Vice President alone, as President of the Senate, could declare President Trump the actual victor through the acknowledgement of the “dueling electors” submitted by several of the states in which fraud is shown to have occurred in the November matchup.

This could happen, but in my own estimation, as well as Mr. Balmakov’s, it is unlikely and perhaps even dangerous. He notes that 96% of Democrat voters believe their guy and gal won legitimately. Because of this, it is exceedingly unlikely that they would be amenable to the challenge going this far.

This brings up a very interesting and tragic question:

There absolutely was massive fraud in this election. President Trump has every logical argument showing that this is true. The cases made by his team are convincing and very compelling. Yet, every court, including the US Supreme Court, made up incidentally of a strong 5-4 or even 6-3 conservative majority, has dismissed the lawsuits. While Rudy Giuliani strongly believes that the batch of lawsuits this week should work, there is no reason to expect that they will since other very firm arguments with loads of evidence have been dismissed out of hand.

It is clear that the Deep State is striking back, solidly and with great power to get President Trump out of office. What is more, the financial markets seem just fine with Biden coming in, and they continue to climb, with the Dow Jones at its highest levels of the year, and climbing.

Miracles can happen, and certainly as a Trump supporter, I wish one would. However, the Trump team can be credited with one thing that will absolutely last, no matter what – it ran an honest campaign and an honest challenge to a dishonest election. In every possible way, the Trump campaign and its candidate have done the right thing in terms of running fairly, and refusing to concede.

Where does this leave us? What happens next?

Honestly, it is too early to say anything that is not wildly speculative, no matter how tame it is. But, it is the end of the year, the end of a very crazy pandemic and election year, and the most dishonest managed presidential election in American history. So, with all that weirdness, let’s add a few speculative predictions of what we might see in coming days and weeks:

  1. President Trump will leave office, but without conceding the election. – There is no requirement that a candidate concede. This practice has always been the gentlemanly act to do, and most outgoing presidents have done it, but there is no requirement to do so.
  2. The refusal to concede will cast long-lasting aspersions on the legitimacy of the Biden Presidency. – The last time a president stepped down without giving his concession was a very long time ago, apparently John Adams never conceded, simply leaving Washington, DC and not staying for the inauguration of the new President. However, President Trump’s refusal to concede is ostensibly going to be interpreted as an assessment of the fraudulent status of the 2020 election itself. To concede would mean to admit “you are the legitimate winner and I am not, God bless you and let’s move ahead.” The key factor is the word legitimate. Trump cannot betray his principles or those of his supporters by admitting something false; this fact is made all the more evident by all the times in his term he scandalized everyone with the truth.
  3. There will be no civil war, nor will there be civil unrest instigated by Trump supporters. – While it is true that maybe a few particularly disgruntled Trump fans might act out in their anger, this is extremely unlikely, and virtually impossible to expect that the whole crowd of supporters will galvanize into a rebellion or civil conflict. One of the primary reasons is that conservatives and Trump supporters see themselves as aligned with God – God himself is important, and there are better ways to deal with your brothers and sisters who disagree with you than to attack, injure or kill them. The Left does not see it this way at all; they made that abundantly clear with the killing of a Trump supporter and a Patriot Prayer member in Portland this past summer, saying that killing him was basically cleaning the streets of the trash. However, this is not a case of the Trump supporters “taking the high road.” If anything, the Trump movement has awakened in millions of Americans a deeper and more sincere look at life beyond political platitudes. The greater likelihood is that these men and women will find ways to stand strong for what they believe and defy the leftist pressure without acceding to violence.
  4. The real issue will be how to prepare for every contingency so as to be able to win upcoming elections. – The election of 2020 proved the existence of a massively well-organized Democrat fraud machine. The fraud may well succeed at putting Mr. Biden and Mrs. Harris into the White House, but after that point all bets are off.
  5. This is where the danger of civil war will truly begin, however. – The true damage of fraud is like that of any lie. It may get you what you want right now, but it will fall apart. What that might look like is the sharpest and most acute period of accountability the American government has ever faced, from the President down through Congress. It will be slow to start, owing to the tendency of conservatives to just tolerate mistreatment, but should they continue to be abused by dishonest leaders and draconian policies (a very real factor in the likelihood of a lengthy nationwide COVID-19 shutdown), and should our still-existing Constitutional rights continue to be trampled on as they were this year and worse (also a strong possibility), this is the point where the conservative / Trumpists may finally get to the breaking point. The pressure brought to bear on private American citizens by a truly illegitimate leadership bent on its own goals is a factor that Biden / Harris adminstration must consider if the country is to stay together.

This whole election has been a massive lie carried out by very powerful people. They seem to be succeeding and in the short run, I personally expect that they will continue to succeed. But their success is based on falsehood and lies. The Trump supporters already know this and they will be watching the Biden / Harris cabal like a hawk. The civil war may indeed come, or secessions may come, unless the usurpers to power are very careful not to poke them too hard. Conversely, a light touch from them may encourage complacency in conservatives, but it will also slow the progress of Marxism in the country.

It looks like 2021 will be very, very interesting.

The election news ‘fog-out’ prepares the way for the Great Reset [Video]

Speculative musings about where we are and what is at stake. Readers beware: your biases will be trampled.

The mainstream media is absolutely determined to destroy the United States as a free and independent nation with free and independent people. The fervor to which all of the big outlets, including and especially noting Fox News, are running to Joe Biden, to globalism, to the Great Reset which will be the big move to a “one world” sort of governance of the type that the tinfoil hat types have been warning us about for decades…

It is all on the line with this election. Speaking personally, I cannot understand why they would want this. I have for many years pictured government as THE problem, and my suspicion that this was true supported my two most recent relocations (though admittedly this was not the sole reason), to the high plains of Colorado and then later to Moscow, in Russia. The farther away I got from Washington, DC and the “fishbowl effect” of the East Coast cities and of the US in general, the more clearly it became evident we needed real help to save the country from its rush into the darkness, spurred on greatly by one Barack H. Obama.

We got that break, too. When Donald Trump won the Presidency in 2016, the nation immediately responded, and very positively for the most part. I mean the way the country actually ran: employment boomed, companies repatriated tremendous amounts of overseas profits and gave bonuses to their employees, the US did not enter any new foreign wars and in fact ended one war (at least the US involvement in it) and has been far more concerned with bringing troops home than with intimidating other nations. Most recently, several Arab states did the unthinkable, signing peace agreements with Israel, helping to legitimize that nation’s status and to create a united Middle East.

A digression: To this last point, I know many faithful Duran readers will scream at their screens asking how I can sell out the Palestinians and Iranians by supporting Israel. To be sure, I do not have much in the way of warm fuzzy feelings for Israel at all. But the matter here is simple logic:

  1. No major power is going to stand against Israel. – a conveniently forgotten fact is that Russia, like the United States, at least tacitly supports the Jewish state. There is a strong Russian presence in Israel, not the least of which comprises Russian Jews as well as a lot of Orthodox Christians.
  2. Further, the Soviet Union tried to go to war by proxy with Israel. They lost. The country has too much historical and strategic significance for the major powers to interfere unless they both agree to do so, and that is far from likely today. Both countries are in fact working (maybe even in concert) to stabilize the Middle East
  3. The way to bring the Palestinian people victory is not via terrorism. Unfortunately, the Palestinians seem not to have realized this. While their future is admittedly under terrible (and I think, wrong) pressure by the Israelis, these people really have not got much of a chance against the combined powers arrayed against them. The better way to go is through peace and economic development, following the example of Japan, Germany, many American Indian nations and India itself.
  4. The same situation applies to Iran. Even though Russia supports Iran, they will not support Iran launching a war against Israel, and Iran knows this. The only hope that nation’s leadership ever really had was to “inspire” Muslims all across the Middle East to their cause, that eradication of the Jewish State would be to sole task needed to bring about paradise on earth. Unfortunately for the Iranian leadership, it appears that the rest of their immediate world sees their single-minded anger as tipping the Crazy Meter, and they are opting for peace and development. Eventually Iran’s leadership may come to their senses. We hope so; the Iranians themselves are great people with a fantastic and beautiful history. The manufactured rage thing is getting pretty old. 43 years with no real results. When is it time to stop?
  5. President Trump knows this, and that is why the initiative to develop peace in the Middle East through agreements between Israel and other ME states is so successful.

Digression concluded… hopefully the screaming at the screen has also stopped. Onwards!

The media and the Great Resetters also know all of this, and that is probably another reason why they have caused the American news establishment to in effect “go dark.” We no longer get news and information from these networks; we get propaganda. A whole lot of “baseless” or nothing at all.

While this is hard – I am literally sitting and waiting for any updates on the Trump Election situation – this is also really good. Here are some reasons it is good:

  1. News does not happen on a 24-hour constant basis. Remember when we used to get no more than two or three updates per day? We had a national evening broadcast, a couple local broadcasts and maybe a little bit in the mornings on weekdays. In a day’s time, less than two hours, maximum, comprised of news coverage. The rest of the day was on about a thirty-minute loop, repeating any developments until new ones came, and that was available only on news-radio stations.
  2. Our knowledge of events is augmented more at the speed of the events themselves, and far less on speculation. Here I give the lie to myself because much of what I write is speculative. However, my readers should also be able to see that I do not project, but merely propose. Far from calling the election fraud claims “baseless” or “certain”, I can say “they definitely exist and must be addressed.” This last is true, no matter what that treatment actually leads to.
  3. Part of this is antithetical to the news business (so it would probably hurt my work and others like me), but most of the time what happens in the world is not very important. What happens in our neighborhood or in our own homes, is. We have a lot of news junkies in desperate need of withdrawal, and the fog-out and utter failure of that anachronism called the “national news network” is in some ways the best thing that has happened to us in about fifty years.

The only problem here is why.

The Great Reset is certainly real enough, though it is portrayed in as positive a light as dystopian fantasies can be (see below).

For many of us, this video is quite disturbing in its promises.

What it means for the average citizen is terrifying. However, it may be that alternate media is making the needed impact, as measures to implement the Reset in other nations are hitting roadblocks, namely riots. France may actually throw this off. Hungary certainly will refuse it, as will Russia. The one real soft spot on the planet is America, for our people have been abused by mainstream media propaganda for so long that they are now psychologically conditioned to accept external control.

But there are seventy-four million voters and their families who are not ready for that. If they are awake and aware, they can beat this thing.

Dominion refusal to attend hearing is globalists throwing down the gauntlet [Video]

This is the big play for globalists, and they believe they are not accountable to anybody.

The American nation is in big trouble.

Christianity Daily and a few other conservative media outlets ran a piece on Friday, November 20, noting how Dominion Voting Systems refused to attend a hearing regarding their equipment changing votes to Biden from Trump en masse during the November 3 elections.

Christianity Daily’s Julio Cachila writes [slightly edited for clarity]:

A controversial company that provided voting software used in the recent US Presidential Elections has refused to appear in a committee hearing after it previously said it will come.

Dominion Voting Systems, the controversial voter software supplier for the recent US Elections, refused to appear before a bi-partisan committee for a hearing in Pennsylvania regarding the voter fraud that occurred in the recent elections.

House member Dawn Keefer, R-Pennsylvania, expressed her disappointment at the controversial company’s refusal to attend the hearing, and emphasized how it blew it’s chance to give voters a reason to put their trust in it.

“When Dominion said they were coming and answer questions, this was an opportunity for them to demonstrate who they were, services they were providing, the products they were selling us, and how they were being utilised… to give the voters the confidence they are looking for,” Keefer said

Committee Chairman Seth Grove, R-Pennsylvania, speaking about Dominion’s decision to avoid the hearing, said the company previously promised that it will be present during the hearing, but suddenly turned its back on the agreement and refused to attend, NTD News reported.

“Instead of stepping into the light of integrity, dominion voting systems retreated into the darkness,” Grove said.

“Why? Why would a vender of public goods, fear discussing their product sold to the public, for the public good. If Dominion’s products were successful and operate as they were supposed to, why wouldn’t dominion take the opportunity to publicly review its success?” the State rep said.

Representative Grove is correct, but this may not matter.

This action betrays Dominion’s malfeasance in the Election, and further pieces of news surrounding the great 2020 Election Steal strongly indicate that voter fraud was carried out on a well-organized, well-targeted and large scale. By refusing to come to the hearing and by subsequently “lawyering up”, Dominion shows its guilt. This is circumstantial, but with not even a statement from the company about this, their actions are damning.

Or are they?

The globalists are ascendant and vindictive, and they know it.

It is likely that their not coming is a direct “in your face!” at Trump supporters and at the President himself, because this well-orchestrated coup attempt is running so well that the powers carrying it out simply do not believe they are accountable to the American voters or to anybody else.

It further indicates that the globalists and Democrats know what they are doing. Conservatives are slow to react to pressure from the left. It is in the nature of Conservatives to approach things deliberately and logically rather than in bursts of passion and outrage. The Democrats know this. They tested all of the country for several months with the combined 1-2 punch of COVID-19 and its associated stripping of personal freedoms, and with the hostile response to the President when the riots broke out in dozens of Democrat-run cities, citing race, but oddly enough led by white people.

The afflicted cities howled about the President moving to stop the riots, even though people were getting hurt and killed. They wanted the riots to continue.

The President did not impose his will either, but stayed the course most any conservative person would – to let the riots play out and hope that their sheer wanton destruction would itself move the people in these communities to push their government to allow National Guard help. This did not work very well.

It is likely that a great many Republicans and Trump supporters decided that a thorough drubbing in the election would do the trick. Studies shows that the President’s policies were total winners, the reaction of voters was evident and still remains so. President Trump succeeded in pretty much everything he did for the American people. The country was doing great until the COVID crisis presented itself. This is not to say that President Trump botched it. He made mistakes, and some of them we have covered – bringing in Dr Fauci was like bringing in a vial of poison and making everybody drink it. However, Fauci is expected to take a more prominent role in a Biden presidency, even though there is cause to believe that he is one of the engineers of the COVID crisis itself.

(Yes. I said that. And here is the report to read and think about to substantiate it. The fact that the video link in that article is missing shows that the YouTube censors have indeed been at work. That is okay, we found another, even longer video:)

This is a digression, but let me finish it. Honestly, even though I write about this, I am still reticent to buy the whole package about Fauci and Dr Buttar, so, you who read this now have my own full disclosure. To complete it, I think there is something not right about this story, and I am definitely convinced that the COVID virus is being used by globalist elites because it is useful to their plans. As to whether or not they triggered it, I still have a hard time believing that people in our day crave power to the point of killing hundreds of thousands of people as “collateral damage” or worse, “a case of the means being justified by the ends.” You, Dear Reader, will also have to decide this.

Now, back to the main point.

One thing is absolutely clear. This is a powerplay and it is not going to go away. The Left / Globalists are not backing down. In fact, they are taking a really bold approach, rolling over the will of the American people in their pursuit of power. When Fox News capitulated and “called” the election for Joe Biden (though media networks truly cannot call anything like this, strictly speaking), this told every Trump supporter in America that “their network” in effect just gave them the middle finger.

As conservatives, we are badly disadvantaged at this time.

If we are going to beat this, either now with this election, or in 2022 and 2024 at the next ones, or any time in between, we have to do a few things:

  1. We have to organize. Right now, we are not yet organized. Gab and Parler have made huge leaps in becoming home bases for conservatives kicked off the Big Socials, but no alternate platform in the US has what Facebook has: Groups, convenience, and a very fast, responsive network. The one alternative that might work is vKontakte, the “Russian Facebook” that many of us already have. It is better than Facebook, but it, too, may find its resources stretched if it acquires 80 million new users overnight. However, it is the best bet. Yes, sure it is based in Russia, but, then again, Russia is the only major power offering any sort of support to Trump people in the US, by NOT congratulating Joe Biden (because the election has not been decided.)
  2. In addition to the Net communications, we need to increase communications and commerce at the local and grassroots levels. If the globalists seize power, they are sure to clamp the US into a lockdown. We need to be able to communicate and share ideas and resources across the country to defy and disregard the illegitimate government being put in place.
  3. We need to be ready to withdraw our states from the Union, and even fight for them. This of course will probably get this newspiece banned. It is going up in other places, like my own Kuznetsky Most platform, in addition to the Duran and other sites, as God allows. I am a conservative. I do not want to fight anyone. I am angry as all get-out with the liberals, but as a Christian, we are guided to hate evil, not persons. Going to arms against them is personally distasteful and I would hate to have to do it. But, sometimes, it becomes the only way.

In a dream world, the ideal situation would be for all the Trump States to secede or dismiss the authority of a Biden / Harris presidency as illegitimate. There are many ways to do this overtly, and in a unified manner. There are even more ways that state leaders and citizens can do this, but it is better in unity with other states.

Revolution is a tricky road. Most national revolutions fail. The American Revolution was the first one that ever actually succeeded, and it would have failed had the United States not defeated the British Empire a second time in the War of 1812. The problem with revolutions is that they are usually not organized around truly creating a nation for the citizens accountable TO the citizens. The American Declaration of Independence and more notably, her Constitution, have been studied by people all over the world. It is of particular note that not one other nation seeking revolution has implemented all of the devices and tools that are present in the American Constitution. It is easy to see why:

A nation whose leaders are accountable to the citizens cannot become a place run by elites. The United States, despite the recent history of putting elites in power, nevertheless remains the only nation that can legally and easily throw off a corrupt government as it threw off the tryanny of the British Empire and its syphillis-maddened King. Our own Constitution’s Article V allows the nation to make a referendum upon itself in case something is going wrong. This could be a peaceful way of making the needed changes our country is crying out for.

But this is the time of the Globalist Great Reset. People both inside and outside this country are pressing harder than ever to permanently alter it and place themselves in power permanently. While the Constitution has all the protections it does to keep the US safe from tyranny, there is one weapon it cannot fight against: the will of its own people to be ignorant of it, and to disregard it.

Because of this, it may well come to war. There may be no other way.

Father Peter Heers on the Election – How ought an Orthodox Christian vote? [Video]

Father Peter Heers is a very conservatively-aligned Orthodox priest, living with his wife and family in Europe. He taught at Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville, and is widely controversial as well. He takes a relatively “hardline” approach to Orthodoxy. We have featured his work in the past where he criticized the reaction of the bulk of the Orthodox Church and its hierarchies to the coronavirus pandemic, a criticism I personally agree with more and more each passing day (yes, despite the increasing caseloads and the second / third wave of the pandemic now in play).

Here, for the first time in my finding, we have an Orthodox clergyman speaking on the issue of tomorrow’s pivotal November 3rd American presidential election. For the Orthodox Christian, and for the non-Orthodox Christian who is also trying to figure out what to do with this election, how to answer “what is in keeping with the will of Jesus Christ?”, this video may offer some answers.

May we all be moved to make the choice that is God-pleasing for the US and for the world. Like it or not, what happens in the United States of America has tremendous impact on the rest of the world, for good or ill.

Pope Francis advocates civil unions for ROMAN CATHOLIC homosexuals in ITALY

Anytime the Church tries to meet social issues on a secular level, the Church compromises the Gospel. This is a grievous example.

The year 2020 may well be remembered as the year of the Great Apostasy… at least, the year where it became manifest. The love of many has run cold, whether in the Orthodox Christian Church or elsewhere, and this year we have seen absolutely profound expressions of faithlessness in the reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter and the ascension of Joe Biden to within an eyeblink of the  Presidency, though his frailty and the combination of shallow ambition and political pliability of his running mate suggest that these two would at best make a real Manchurian Presidency as much more powerful and organized people act through them (as long as it is convenient to do so).

Add to that this stunner. The Bishop of Rome, that is, the Pope, who sits in the Holy See of Saint Peter, showed his true faith of Social Justice Warrior by calling for a civil union law for same-sex Roman Catholic pairs of men or women.

For those who may not remember, this is how same-sex “marriage” moved from the unthinkable, to the perceived law of the land in the United States. It did not take long, either. But to have the leader of one of the most ancient Christian communions, that community historically most outspoken on pro-life issues, take such a position is tantamount to absolute heresy. He is not alone, either. Look who hangs out with him:

Yes, that is correct – Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of the Greek Orthodox Church. This man has compounded the rise of faithlessness, first in “reconciling” unrepentant schismatics in Ukraine and then creating a supposedly “autocephalous” Orthodox Church structure that is generally not accepted in the Orthodox world, but which is splitting the communion in two. This structure was, and probably is still to be, the conduit by which all manner of Western immorality is to be piped into the minds and hearts of Orthodox believers, many of whom do not understand why their church was in schism in the first place. Their ignorance will be the tool of darkness, as all manner of “new enlightenments” can come in and turn these people’s lives upside down, causing their rejection of Christ and the loss of faith. Ostensibly, the fact that this is to happen in Ukraine, Russia’s motherland, is intended to put a spear through the Russian Orthodox Church’s heart, which also showed itself suprisingly weak this year in regards to COVID.

I certainly do not like saying that – I am a member of the minor clerical orders in the Russian Church, I love my Church, and generally have written much praise for Patriarch Kirill. But in many things COVID, he appears to have folded to whatever it is that the hierarchs are being told about this disease, which frightens or cows them enough to tell people not to go to Church or to wear masks during Church services in some places. While this is not everywhere, there does seem to be some pressure applied to the Church from the carriers of the dark gospel of COVID, and it is disturbing.

Some secularists and indeed, many Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox people may be very quick to jump on the statment, “but the Pope did nothing to authorize gay marriage in the Roman Church!”

This is true, but again, in the US, the advance of same-sex marriage was furtive, subtle, making its way through the courts rather than being openly legislated; indeed most attempts to legislate it were failing when the argument came before the Supreme Court. Now we cannot get away from it.

Further, Pope Francis, or any pope in the Roman Church or any bishop in the Orthodox Church should know that what goes on inside the Church is theirs to address. While the two communions have different theology, often radically so, what the Pope did here was to speak about a matter that does not concern Roman Catholic faithful per se but secular society in general. Further, in doing so, he turned his back on the teachings of the Apostle Paul, as written on this issue in Romans (Chapter 1), and in fact, flouts some seven thousand years of teaching on this matter by saying that something that has always been understood as gravely wrong “should be protected by law.”

In other words, the Pope did not bear Christian witness to the unbelievers, as the Apostles did, and as all Christians are called to do, even if only silently, by the way they live their lives. The Pope manifestly turned his back on his Christ and the teachings the Lord gave, and offered fruits and nuts… to the fruits and nuts.

Compassionate? Yes, in a secular sense. But in a Christian sense? No. As a matter of fact, the Pope opened and endorsed the pathway to damnation for these people who really need a lot of help. And because Christianity is rightly understood as the source of life, the Pope’s embrace of the abomination written about by St Paul is in fact, an embrace of anti-Christianity, which is to say, death.

As stated before, I am not a member of the Roman Church. But a number of relatives in my family and certainly many great friends who are good, God-fearing people, are members, and they have to deal with this pontiff pulling their church down.

The Catholic News Agency covered this in their piece, which is linked to here. It seems to me that it must have been excruciating for them to write things like what you are about to see, excerpted from this newspiece and reprinted below:

In a documentary that premiered Wednesday in Rome, Pope Francis called for the passage of civil union laws for same-sex couples, departing from the position of the Vatican’s doctrinal office and the pope’s predecessors on the issue…

“Homosexuals have a right to be a part of the family. They’re children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out, or be made miserable because of it,” Pope Francis said in the film, of his approach to pastoral care.

After those remarks, and in comments likely to spark controversy among Catholics, Pope Francis weighed in directly on the issue of civil unions for same-sex couples.

“What we have to create is a civil union law. That way they are legally covered,” the pope said. “I stood up for that.”

The remarks come in “Francesco,” a documentary on the life and ministry of Pope Francis which premiered Oct. 21 as part of the Rome Film Festival, and is set to make its North American premiere on Sunday…

The film addresses the pastoral outreach of Pope Francis to those who identify as LGBT, including a story of the pontiff encouraging two Italian men in a same-sex relationship to raise their children in their parish church, which, one of the men said, was greatly beneficial to his children.

“He didn’t mention what was his opinion on my family. Probably he’s following the doctrine on this point,” the man said, while praising the pope for a disposition and attitude of welcome and encouragement…

Be wise, folks. The Social Justice narrative is very subtle at times, and it will seem to be Christian in its “compassion” for others. But this compassion is false, anti-Christian and only encourages “the brotherhood of Man” which needs no God. This happened in Russia in a slightly different presentation in 1917, and countless millions wound up in the GULAG and executed for their Christian faith.

History repeats itself any time it is allowed to do so. We have allowed this to happen. What we do next will make all the difference.

Light versus Darkness – the Final Assault on America is in progress [Video]

Author’s NOTE: To my regret, I am unaware of a good Orthodox Christian perspective on this situation in English. The video clip supplied is a first attempt. If an Orthodox source appears, I will move the current video to be embedded in the story and highlight the Orthodox one, since that reflects my own personal faith. – ASH

There is a coup d’etat on in the United States. Dark forces are trying to seize control of the country and its people.

This kind of line has been used in the US for decades, usually by conspiracy theorists and severely introverted left- and right- wing nutters that often get in very heated discussions about this… only to eventually fizzle away into the vast static noise that marks the frothy American free press environment. While such thought was often discussed, it was never taken seriously because overall we seemed to witness a relatively free,if somewhat biased, press.

This began to erode very rapidly in 2015-2016 as government insiders met and conspired about what to do to prevent Donald J. Trump from winning the election. His accession to the White House was definitely not in their plans. Somebody more malleable, like Jeb Bush, or Hillary Clinton (who is both more and less of a power broker than many of us want to believe, but IS on the inside track of THE PLAN). They did not want a populist who would actually carry out the will of the Deplorables and the Great Unwashed who just were too stupid, really, to see the things that really needed to be done to the world.

Compared to now, though, the 2015-2016 mainstream media bias looks like a free press unrivaled in the world. Now we have blatant moves by big companies and known people and faces: Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jack Dorsey (Twitter), the great search engine Google and its subsidiary YouTube. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, The New York TimesThe Washington Post, and so many more, all united in their efforts to do one thing and one thing only:

Stop Donald Trump from doing what he promised to do, and, by any means necessary, to prevent his re-election.

The American people have been brought to this “normal”, and many of them do not even know it happened. Those that make CNN and MSNBC their news world probably have no idea what the issue with Hunter Biden and China even is, or why it is being brought up. How can this be? Easy. Those news sites have not breathed a word about it. Neither a whisper nor a hint. They did try to float the idea that President Trump has a Chinese bank account, (this was even put forward by VP Joe Biden in the final Presidential debate), but that story seemed to die from lack of interest… falling out of sight like a lead balloon. So, what? said the American public, but many still may have no idea that this is a block against the GOP’s October Surprise.

Since we have more ability to express thoughts and stories freely here (not total, but more), I wish to directly make a bit of speculation for those who may have interest in reading it. As in all speculation of this type, I may be wrong, for it IS but speculation, though arrived at by careful analysis of what I see taking place in this election fight. There appear to be several points and possibilities:

  • The outcome of this election is not knowable by any attempt to follow trends. The polling is too partisan and political to be taken seriously by anybody on either side.
  • Trump supporters who are rejoicing in their great numbers in rallies should not discount the tiny and spotty rallies and public performance by Kamala and Joe. Most of their supporters are afraid of COVID and would never gather in great public masses. This reflects a massive psychological and spiritual difference between the two camps. They do not exist in one another’s context and someone in one camp should not try to evaluate the other side according to his or her own context.
  • Reports keep coming in of astonishingly large amounts of money to keep Biden’s campaign going. The sources of that money are not reported in any obvious sense on the sources that I follow. That can mean (a) it is Soros money, which is quite likely – Soros has a good ability to hide when doing things like this. (b) Everybody on the Left is desperate to shore up their frontsmen – er, candidates and this money may be used effectively enough to swing the election their way.
  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, if elected, will not last the first year. The powers behind them are desperate and very likely to be sloppy and quite abrupt in their seizure of control of the country. Since neither candidate has any ability to actually lead the nation, I do not expect either of these two candidates to survive if they win office. The current fear over COVID may provide perfect cover for what looks like a tragic demise, but will in fact be a pair of assassinations. These will be carried out by LEFT-wing sources – the Radicalized Democrats and the powers behind them. Those powers have the following objectives:
  1. The abolition of Christianity in the US. – The secularists know that the Right’s strength springs from belief in God. The early attacks against Christian churches that really try to “walk the walk” will increase in a way not seen since 1917 Russia, and it will be worse – and well-tuned to be adopted by the American way of thinking.
  2. The marginalization of anybody with conservative viewpoints. – Say goodbye to more people in the alternate media – Steve Turley, Tucker Carlson, Fox News as a whole perhaps, Breitbart – anybody holding traditional conservative views will be cut out of the mainstream of communications and commerce. This is already underway and will increase if the Democrats win.

After that, I cannot see what comes next. But with these events, the United States, while perhaps remaining intact in name, will no longer exist. The Democrat radicals seek to punish those who oppose them, and many conservatives will simply comply, just as almost all of our Church leaders worldwide all complied with the secular authorities on COVID-19. To shut down prayer services in the time when logically they are needed the most would have been unconscionable even five years ago. But almost everybody, and tragically, even from the oldest and most traditional Christian communions worldwide, and especially in the US and the West, hardly even bothered to explain what or why we were shutting down. In fact, it seems like they welcomed the break. Think about that for a moment.

Even our Russian hierarchs demonstrated a tragic lack of resolve in many significant cases, and their refusal to either stand up for Christ no matter what, or (if the virus really is that serious) to pastorally and seriously explain to the people that rely on their positions as overseers of the Church why these measures, never taken before in the history of Christianity, are being done now…

You get the idea, I am sure. 

It may seem like I am hyper-focused on something that ought not mean that much – religious faith. But the lack of reliance upon the God of the Christians* and obedience to his will is at the center of all of this.

Such is the state we are all suffering from due to decades of luxury and comfortable living, where praying to the Lord for a better job or a nice car was all most of us ever really did. We created much of a secular paradise with our technology and distractions and we continue to do so. This is not likely to change, but all of our fantastic technology and luxury has come with a price – the softening and erosion of the kind of faith in God that actually sustains our existence, more than food and more than drink. 

Reliance upon God is what gives people the courage to stand up to tyranny and oppose it, because they know that there was something better that should be pursued. Faith kept generations of Americans free because we understood that liberty is a gift from our Creator, and not something we deserve, but nevertheless, cherish, even to giving our lives to defend it.

Faith gave Mahatma Gandhi (while not a Christian, nevertheless followed Christian teachings very closely) the resolve to face off and defeat the British Empire without firing a shot. The faith of Christian believers facing the lions in the Collisseum led to the Roman Empire becoming Christian, and the longest-lasting empire on earth (until they forsook true Christianity). The ending of slavery came about because of people of faith like Abraham Lincoln and the fulfillment of freedom for all came through the faith followed by Dr. Martin Luther King.

Now, our faith is so soft that people are afraid to go to a church to pray. Now, the pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church cannot even defend the teachings of St Paul or Christ himself, upon which the 2000 year history of the Church rests, and instead insists on taking steps to normalize the “abomination” of homosexual relations. Within the Roman Church, this ought to have never passed the first syllable. But the Catholic News Service offered nary a whimper of protest.

The struggle going on in the United States is not the only front in this war, but at this time, I believe it is the pivot point of the conflict. Of all the things the US brags about being “first and best” at, this is not something worthy of pride – our rejection of how we came to be a great nation, and our abandonment of the principles that made America truly the most amazing nation on earth through most of its short history.

The world will certainly go on without the United States as a force for good, but it may suffer if the powers that want to control America decide to deploy her vast power for their purposes.

Donald Trump probably looks remarkably frail in light of all that you have read. But he stands for the country as it was founded, and despite many errors and secularist ways he himself has, I have never seen an American leader stand in defense of Christianity like he does, nor of life, nor of those things that are good, beautiful, honest, holy, pure and true.

He ain’t perfect, as many would say, but he is who God has given us, and he is on the right side.

* – This may seem an unpleasant and sectarian comment to say that Christianity is the faith that actually matters in terms of keeping the world safe. However, history bears this out. The Christian Age was the brightest in the history of the world, whether people living in it were Christian or not. Examine history for yourself, and you will see that this is undeniable.

This is a race of the Victims and Weirdos versus Normal People [Video]

Victim culture goes to the Democrats in the most obvious way anybody could imagine.

Tucker Carlson’s contrived phrase, “the gender-transcendent mermaid queen-kings are here” has never been so strongly emphasized as it is this year and this election cycle. It has long been observed that the Democrat Party is becoming the party of the socialists and far, far left. That also includes its increasingly synonymous identity as the Party of all the Weirdos and Social rejects.

The character of the Democrat Party was never expressed so clearly as it was in these last four days. The party’s Convention event, culminating in the oddest possible nomination, a man who the Democrat Party long left behind, and a running mate whose own political expediency is being called the reason she joined the campaign of this man whom she basically called out as a sexual predator and bigot during the Democrat Presidential debates.

This is what the Democrats have become (except for the two children they are victimizing in this photo.)
This is what the Democrats have become (except for the two children they are victimizing in this photo.)

What we are seeing goes way beyond anything that our people used to consider “moral.” Back when being “moral” meant something, it meant that you basically lived your life according to a widespread commonly-accepted code of ethics and conduct: That one would be married to a spouse of the opposite sex was beyond need of definition; it was just the way things were. That one would be drug-free was beyond the need of definition; it was just the way things were. While it was known that politicians lied, it was equally well known that any indiscretions in office were usually limited to inappropriate appropriations of taxpayer money and such things as financial corruption.

But now, all of that is changed.

For the last four days we experienced the fulfillment of an old prophecy dating all the way back to the fourth century A.D.

“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, “You are mad; you are not like us.” – St. Anthony the Great

The madness of this present age revolves around something called identity. In the United States and other places in the (western) world, there seems to be a real problem with identity. This is both with race and sex, but not with nationality and religion. For example, look at this photo:

This is J Mai. Looks like a woman to me. However, she insists on being referred to as a “Black-Vietnamese, transgender nonbinary / gender transcendent mermaid Queen-King.” Even her personal pronoun must be changed – from “her / she” to “them.”

In fact, J. Mai has her blurb written thus at Wake Forrest University – or at least it was. Searches now give a 404-Page not found error. Someone got a screenshot though.

“Ever-evolving truths” – That is a hint as to what the real problem is.

This, plus the platform of Black Lives Matter – which is dedicated to pushing an LGBTQ+++ agenda across the black American community, one that is actually quite traditionally Christian (especially the grandmothers!) shows us that “special identity” is a rampant issue among the Democrat activists.

Indeed, the Democrat Party could probably be considered a loose and disintegrating collection of various activist groups. They are different from one another, but hardly diverse. We have on the Democrat side the following groups:

  • The Ku Klux Klan – Yes, the KKK is not right wing. Historically it was the militant arm of the Democrat Party, used to keep black people “in line” and not to assimilate fully into society.
  • Antifa – cast by the Democrats as “right wing”, Antifa subscribes to anarchism, communism, Marxism, social democracy and socialism. Sorry fake news guys, you got it wrong again. Let’s continue.
  • Black Lives Matter – as noted earlier, this black racist group supports left leaning causes: LGBTWhatever activism, feminism, immigration ‘reform’ and ‘economic justice’ which is just a fancy way of saying ‘socialism’ or ‘wealth redistribution.’ Consider the recent event of BLM activists trying to tell people to give their very homes to black people.
  • Socialists – With leaders like Alexandria Ocasia-Cortes and Bernie Sanders, the Big Gripe is that in some way not adequately described (yet), laizzez-faire free market capitalism has got to go. It is easily tied in with “injustice” as expressed by the other activist groups above.
  • The LGBTWhatevers – A recent count indicated that such people had splintered themselves into some thirty-one different “gender identities.” Notice we cannot even say “sex” anymore but these people are getting a lot of attention. Consider the blurb above and also consider that the news media tries to accomodate these people in their delusional states.

There are more, of course, and this year we are seeing these supposedly fringe groups take center stage as the definition of what Democrats are and what they uphold.

However, there is yet another group that, while “normal” with regards to all these crazies listed above, still show the attitudes of the weirdos. Here is a photo that for me represents the attitudes of such people:

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden, and his wife Jill Biden, join Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and her husband Doug Emhoff, during the fourth day of the Democratic National Convention, Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020, at the Chase Center in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

For me, this image implies helplessness and fear, and nothing else. Maybe the celebration of helplessness and fear. This is the group that is going to lead American into helplessness and fear. Now, to be sure, President Trump is now seen at times with a mask and he supports people being safe by wearing one.

But I do not think he is interested in promoting an attitude of helplessness and fear. The Coronavirus pandemic has taken about 800,000 lives thus far worldwide in the last eight months, and appears to be on track for a worldwide mortality rate of around 1.5 million or less.

The number of lives lost in a typical influenza outbreak worldwide numbers around 650,000, so the Coronavirus is perhaps two to three times more fatal than the flu thus far. Honestly that is not very fatal. Yet the sheer numbers of confirmed cases offered by the gloomy Johns Hopkins tracker don’t tell us that most people recover, and most of them hardly even got sick in the first place.

Yet the COVID-19 is Doomsday for the Democrats and they play the narrative to the hilt, even showing their candidates for the leadership of this land as cowardly and afraid of something that is not really very bad, and is also more and more on the ropes according to the news of the registration of the first vaccine by Russia and others to follow.

The Democrats portray themselves as the Party of Victims. They are The Aggrieved, The Misunderstood, the Misfits, the Bullied, the Sexually Repressed, and so on. Whatever else they are they do not advertise themselves as “can do” people. They are “can’t do” people, (unless the government steps in to “make things fair.”

In a few days we are going to be given the contrast. My bet (and my hope) is that most of America is still not the country of “we cannot help ourselves” but more the Land of Opportunity where we wish for the government to leave us alone so we can succeed.

The contrast promises to be striking, and of course once the GOP convention is over we will see if this prediction is correct.

Many Americans have had long ties the Democrat Party, perhaps hearkening to the days when the Democrats did much better at representing small-town America, the little guy and so on (they really did do that at one point despite their other problems).

But now, dear folks, your Party has changed. Joe Biden managed to try to resurrect that old image of the Party, but the four days of convention prior to his decent speech showed him to be the leader of The Party of Wimps and Eternally and Terminally Unique Aggrieved People. In short, the Victims. Victims often seek Vengeance. And never has that been more obvious than in this past year. This must be faced. Joe Biden did not face it in his acceptance speech. He tried to mold his own personality to it, but he also tried to hide how deeply radical and aggrieved his party is. These are people who will never be happy with what the government gives them, even if it were to give them everything they want. There will always be some new gripe, some new complaint, and some new allegation of being victimized by someone or something, and no personal responsibility.

If you are a Democrat, is this how you see yourself? As incapable of taking responsibility for yourself? My bet is you do not think this way.

But your Party has just endorsed this way of life as its very vision. You might want to think about that. Some people are. Watch and see.