Anytime the Church tries to meet social issues on a secular level, the Church compromises the Gospel. This is a grievous example.

The year 2020 may well be remembered as the year of the Great Apostasy… at least, the year where it became manifest. The love of many has run cold, whether in the Orthodox Christian Church or elsewhere, and this year we have seen absolutely profound expressions of faithlessness in the reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter and the ascension of Joe Biden to within an eyeblink of the  Presidency, though his frailty and the combination of shallow ambition and political pliability of his running mate suggest that these two would at best make a real Manchurian Presidency as much more powerful and organized people act through them (as long as it is convenient to do so).

Add to that this stunner. The Bishop of Rome, that is, the Pope, who sits in the Holy See of Saint Peter, showed his true faith of Social Justice Warrior by calling for a civil union law for same-sex Roman Catholic pairs of men or women.

For those who may not remember, this is how same-sex “marriage” moved from the unthinkable, to the perceived law of the land in the United States. It did not take long, either. But to have the leader of one of the most ancient Christian communions, that community historically most outspoken on pro-life issues, take such a position is tantamount to absolute heresy. He is not alone, either. Look who hangs out with him:

Yes, that is correct – Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of the Greek Orthodox Church. This man has compounded the rise of faithlessness, first in “reconciling” unrepentant schismatics in Ukraine and then creating a supposedly “autocephalous” Orthodox Church structure that is generally not accepted in the Orthodox world, but which is splitting the communion in two. This structure was, and probably is still to be, the conduit by which all manner of Western immorality is to be piped into the minds and hearts of Orthodox believers, many of whom do not understand why their church was in schism in the first place. Their ignorance will be the tool of darkness, as all manner of “new enlightenments” can come in and turn these people’s lives upside down, causing their rejection of Christ and the loss of faith. Ostensibly, the fact that this is to happen in Ukraine, Russia’s motherland, is intended to put a spear through the Russian Orthodox Church’s heart, which also showed itself suprisingly weak this year in regards to COVID.

I certainly do not like saying that – I am a member of the minor clerical orders in the Russian Church, I love my Church, and generally have written much praise for Patriarch Kirill. But in many things COVID, he appears to have folded to whatever it is that the hierarchs are being told about this disease, which frightens or cows them enough to tell people not to go to Church or to wear masks during Church services in some places. While this is not everywhere, there does seem to be some pressure applied to the Church from the carriers of the dark gospel of COVID, and it is disturbing.

Some secularists and indeed, many Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox people may be very quick to jump on the statment, “but the Pope did nothing to authorize gay marriage in the Roman Church!”

This is true, but again, in the US, the advance of same-sex marriage was furtive, subtle, making its way through the courts rather than being openly legislated; indeed most attempts to legislate it were failing when the argument came before the Supreme Court. Now we cannot get away from it.

Further, Pope Francis, or any pope in the Roman Church or any bishop in the Orthodox Church should know that what goes on inside the Church is theirs to address. While the two communions have different theology, often radically so, what the Pope did here was to speak about a matter that does not concern Roman Catholic faithful per se but secular society in general. Further, in doing so, he turned his back on the teachings of the Apostle Paul, as written on this issue in Romans (Chapter 1), and in fact, flouts some seven thousand years of teaching on this matter by saying that something that has always been understood as gravely wrong “should be protected by law.”

In other words, the Pope did not bear Christian witness to the unbelievers, as the Apostles did, and as all Christians are called to do, even if only silently, by the way they live their lives. The Pope manifestly turned his back on his Christ and the teachings the Lord gave, and offered fruits and nuts… to the fruits and nuts.

Compassionate? Yes, in a secular sense. But in a Christian sense? No. As a matter of fact, the Pope opened and endorsed the pathway to damnation for these people who really need a lot of help. And because Christianity is rightly understood as the source of life, the Pope’s embrace of the abomination written about by St Paul is in fact, an embrace of anti-Christianity, which is to say, death.

As stated before, I am not a member of the Roman Church. But a number of relatives in my family and certainly many great friends who are good, God-fearing people, are members, and they have to deal with this pontiff pulling their church down.

The Catholic News Agency covered this in their piece, which is linked to here. It seems to me that it must have been excruciating for them to write things like what you are about to see, excerpted from this newspiece and reprinted below:

In a documentary that premiered Wednesday in Rome, Pope Francis called for the passage of civil union laws for same-sex couples, departing from the position of the Vatican’s doctrinal office and the pope’s predecessors on the issue…

“Homosexuals have a right to be a part of the family. They’re children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out, or be made miserable because of it,” Pope Francis said in the film, of his approach to pastoral care.

After those remarks, and in comments likely to spark controversy among Catholics, Pope Francis weighed in directly on the issue of civil unions for same-sex couples.

“What we have to create is a civil union law. That way they are legally covered,” the pope said. “I stood up for that.”

The remarks come in “Francesco,” a documentary on the life and ministry of Pope Francis which premiered Oct. 21 as part of the Rome Film Festival, and is set to make its North American premiere on Sunday…

The film addresses the pastoral outreach of Pope Francis to those who identify as LGBT, including a story of the pontiff encouraging two Italian men in a same-sex relationship to raise their children in their parish church, which, one of the men said, was greatly beneficial to his children.

“He didn’t mention what was his opinion on my family. Probably he’s following the doctrine on this point,” the man said, while praising the pope for a disposition and attitude of welcome and encouragement…

Be wise, folks. The Social Justice narrative is very subtle at times, and it will seem to be Christian in its “compassion” for others. But this compassion is false, anti-Christian and only encourages “the brotherhood of Man” which needs no God. This happened in Russia in a slightly different presentation in 1917, and countless millions wound up in the GULAG and executed for their Christian faith.

History repeats itself any time it is allowed to do so. We have allowed this to happen. What we do next will make all the difference.

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