Kuznetsky Most is intended to be a news and information resource that fearlessly presents news and opinion on a wide range of topics, but free of any known adherence to any “mainstream” narrative.

Editorial Bias? Of course there is!

No news site is without editorial bias, of course, so we ought to present right away what ours is going to be.

Our viewpoint and most of our pieces will be presented by people who ally with the protection and practice of the traditional values and norms associated with Christianity in its most ancient and original expression.

We present information and news of current events, viewed through the lens of Sacred History, but with frankness and honesty.

That means that this site may present news and articles that fall on any point of the commonly observed social/political spectrum. Our hope is not to direct our readers’ thinking through the maintenance of a narrative, but to set out information in such a way as to help our readers consider for themselves what to think.

No Comments. No Trolling. Ever.

Our site will not offer a place for reader comments. Why is this?

We discovered that on most of the mainstream and off-the-mainstream news sites, where commenting on news pieces is allowed, the most beastly things are said by sources that may or may not even be real. We believe trolling, (verbal assault of the writer or other commenters via Internet), or repeating narrative talking points is one of the ways that the information stream gets corrupted, due to unkind or dishonest comments.

In this way, we hope to ensure that the communication between us and you is really only between us and you. Since you cannot even write back to us in comments, everyone remains free to consider for themselves what to make of the information we present.

Our presence on Social Media networks will of course allow comment in most cases, but not on this actual website.

Our site may be boring, but our news will be factual.

Journalists have a responsibility to report the news, not to cause or direct the news. Irresponsible journalism creates confusion, cynicism and hostility where there need be none.

Our site will probably be the most boring news site you have ever seen. But we hope that this boring format may actually be the gateway through which information is given to our readers, with which they can make their own decisions.

Ancient Christianity is based on apprehending and dealing with reality in light of the Lord’s will. This means “It is what it is. What do we do about it?” is the thought we wish to keep in mind with every piece we publish. No screeds, no talking points, just the facts.

Thank you for visiting us, and we will endeavor to live up to these ideals, God helping us.