The woke liberal left couldn’t take the onslaught of real news and information. Future of free site uncertain, while springs into existence for now.

On August 27, 2021, the geopolitical site, was taken off the net by an attack from Big Tech providers, presumably Paypal and others.

The site is currently offline for regular use, though it has launched a new more limited, Twitter-like portal called We encourage people who want to keep up with the Duran’s efforts to join this site to be able to monitor developments.

For the time being I will post news and information pieces to this site, and hopefully, if interest exists, I will incorporate the site and start running as a new independent news and information source… at least until Big Tech finds me.

Then, I will start again.

Free speech is extremely important. I do not lie in any of my news reports. I may be wrong about the understanding I have on certain topics, but I never lie about anything, nor do I seek to slander or badmouth anybody. However, my opinions are blunt, direct and honest, and there are many people in the world that seem to be offended by this.

However, if we do not have the ability to be a bit offensive, then we are all lost.

Consider Jesus Christ, who offended the religious establishment of His time, but rightly so, since they had formalized the relationship with God into a set of rituals that only inflated their own personal sense of pride. They nailed Him to the Cross for it, and he defeated Death and Hades by simply being who He is – God incarnate – without showing anything but love and truth to everyone.

He is the ultimate free speaker. The Truth is what sets us free, and with God’s help, this site will become an outpost for those who wish to know the truth about what is going on, even if it is just honestly expressed opinion.

God be with you all.

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